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Stop Wasting Your Money on an Apartment!

Are you still leasing an apartment? It’s time to make the switch to a manufactured home – more specifically, a HomeFirstTM Certified Manufactured Home!

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you’ve probably read by now about the many advantages of owning a home. But in case you forgot, here are 5 reasons you shouldn’t rent an apartment in Michigan, but rather buy a manufactured home.

1) Finances: Unlike renting, owning a home has many financial benefits. For one, you get equity in your home with each payment made. Secondly, your monthly payment might actually be cheaper than if you were renting! HomeFirstTM Certified Communities’ in-house financing makes the path to purchase easy and efficient.

2) Personalization: When you rent an apartment, you’re very restricted in terms of your ability to personalize. Say you want to paint the bathroom a different color – you need the landlord’s permission, and you already know what the answer will be. When you own your home, you’re free to make the home unique yours. Let the good times roll and creativity flow.

3) Later, Neighbors: Is there anything worse than sharing a thin wall with a noisy neighbor? You don’t have to worry about excessive chirping when you own a manufactured home because you don’t have to share any walls! What a relief it will be to get your sleeping schedule back on track.

4) Fun Times: At HomeFirstTM Certified, we take extraordinary measures to ensure the satisfaction of our residents. From basketball courts to swimming pools, our amenities are second-to-none. We also have 24-hour on-site management, and even plan fun events for residents. You’ll get more bang for your buck with us then at any Michigan apartment.

5) Pride of Ownership: There’s nothing quite like owning your own home. You’ll take pride in knowing that it’s your home and not somebody else’s that you just so happen to be renting. It also provides a sense of security in knowing that your family will always have somewhere to call home.

6) Bail Out: Are you stuck in your apartment? Now when you buy a home in one of our 9 communities, we’ll pay up to $1,200 to settle your early move out fee. Only valid on homes purchased from inventory (i.e. not brokered).

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