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Staying Fit and Having Fun in HomeFirst Communities

We all know how hard it is to get to the gym, don’t we? Between work, school, and the kids, it sometimes feels like nobody has time to get across town for a good workout anymore.

HomeFirst™ completely understands, and our communities provide just the solution! Many of our communities, such as Meadow Creek and Springrove, provide full-featured onsite 24-hour fitness centers!

Available to all residents in participating communities, these fitness centers are well-equipped with all the modern workout equipment you could ask for, and are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Just think – no more having to pack up and drive all the way to a gym on the other side of the city just to stay in shape!

You’re probably thinking it can’t get any better, right? We haven’t mentioned the best part – it’s free for our residents! You can embrace a healthier way of living without having to leave your neighborhood, and at no extra cost to you.

But maybe you’re not the kind to stay indoors at a gym? Or maybe you just want the chance to sharpen your athletic ability? Several HomeFirst™ communities offer a wide variety of sports equipment and fields for you and your family to use free of charge. Aspiring athletes can try their skills out on our basketball courts, tennis courts, or even our baseball diamonds. Hot weather getting to you? Why not take a dip in one of our swimming pools? And for the Red Wings fan in your life, many of our communities offer a hockey rink during the winter that converts to an in-line skating rink during the warmer months!

We know working out isn’t for everyone, but what if you still want to take a walk and enjoy the outdoors? Many HomeFirst™ communities also offer playgrounds and parks for the entire family! Take your kids for a ride on a swingset, arrange a picnic for the family, or even just take a leisurely stroll through our beautiful community parks.

For kids and adults alike, HomeFirst™ offers several ways to both maintain a healthy lifestyle and have fun, all without leaving the comfort of your neighborhood. Sound good to you? Why not check out our communities and find the right one for your family?


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