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Staying Fit and Active With Whitmore Lake Community Recreation

No matter what your age is, it’s important to stay active. For children, getting involved in athletics can help set them up for a pattern of healthy habits that will last for years to come. Staying active as an adult or even a senior can provide a multitude of health benefits. Unfortunately, staying active can mean spending a small fortune on gym memberships, fitness classes, or league fees.

If you want to stay fit and active, but don’t want to pay sky-high gym membership fees, community centers are great places to look into. Many of them offer fitness classes, gym equipment, and organize sports teams for more reasonable fees than you’d have to pay at a gym. As a resident of our Hamburg Hills manufactured housing community, you’ll be in the right neighborhood to participate in programs run by Whitmore Lake Community Recreation.

Whitmore Lake Community Recreation offers a great variety of programs for people of all ages and fitness levels. One of their greatest assets is the community swimming pool, where you’ll be able to come over all year round for things like open swim, aqua dance parties, or swimming lessons. Throughout the year, they organize special events like “dive-in” movies, snow day swims, and a cabin fever extravaganza. The pool also has a nice indoor track, so if you like going for walks but the weather isn’t very nice, you have the option to come and walk here instead.

For kids, Whitmore Lake Community Recreation has all sorts of leagues to join, including soccer, tee ball, basketball, baseball and softball, and more. They also have some after school programs like volleyball, yoga for kids, intro to karate, and hip hop dancing classes. For girls in grades 3-8, they have the opportunity to participate in the Girls on the Run program, which encourages young girls to build confidence, learn important life skills, and develop character through fitness.

Adults are welcome to participate in open gym basketball sessions, join a co-ed softball league, water aerobics classes, Zumba classes, or learn about yoga from a certified yoga instructor. They also have a great program called Trojan Fit Club, where you can participate in a 45-55 minute workout consisting of bodyweight resistance exercises, light weight traning, and cardio. Most importantly, this program is all about creating a positive environment and building confidence.
Programs like these are a great way for people of all ages to stay active and have fun all year long. Being so close to all these types of programs is just one of the many benefits that come along with being a resident of Hamburg Hills. With its location in Whitmore Lake, so close to the water, there are plenty of ways you can get out and be active. Take a look at some of the manufactured homes available in Hamburg Hills. It’s an ideal place to live if you love being able to spend time outdoors and stay fit!

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