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Stay Warm in Your Manufactured Home This Winter

It’s hard to believe it’s already almost winter time again! The hottest days of the year are over and although we’re now enjoying some pleasant fall weather, it’s time to start looking ahead to the colder months ahead of us. When you’re looking for a new place to call home, plenty of insulation is one of the most important things you can look for. You certainly don’t want to move into a place that can’t hold the heat in and keep the cold air out when it’s below zero outside. Not only would that not be comfortable for you or anyone who lives with you, it drives up the cost of your heating bills.

Manufactured homes can be exceptionally well insulated and energy efficient. Modern manufactured homes are built to very high standards set forth by the U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which include strict requirements for insulation and energy efficiency. HomeFirst™’s manufactured housing communities are all located in Michigan, which means all the homes you’ll find in our communities are built to meet HUD’s Zone 3 thermal zone standards, so they meet the strictest standards for preventing heat loss in the country.

In fact, modern manufactured homes have actually been found to outperform traditional site-built homes in terms of energy efficiency because of the way they are built. Manufactured homes are built indoors in factories, which allows entire walls to be built as one piece. This process naturally creates fewer gaps and spaces for heat to escape through than you’d find in a traditional site-built home. So not only do manufactured homes have the benefit of having high standards for energy efficiency, they also have the benefit of being inherently better at keeping heat inside.

Many manufactured homes meet energy standards so high, they earn the distinction of being Energy Star Certified. These manufactured homes meet the highest standards for energy efficiency a manufactured home can have. Not only are they built and inspected multiple times during the building and installation process, they come outfitted with Energy Star certified appliances, so your home will truly be as efficient as possible.

If you want to make your winter evenings just a little bit cozier, many manufactured homes in our communities feature fireplaces in the living room. Imagine being able to spend a cold winter night sitting around the nice, warm fireplace reading a book or spending time with your family. Being able to spend the winter months like this is bound to make Michigan’s cold winter months a little bit more fun!

When you live in a HomeFirst™ manufactured housing community, you’ll never find yourself left out in the cold! Not only will your home keep you nice and warm through the winter months, you’ll also have lots of other great advantages to enjoy all winter long like our 24-hour fitness centers and being able to attend regularly-scheduled community events held in our community clubhouses. Take a look at some of the manufactured homes available to rent or own in our communities; we have beautiful, cozy homes that can easily accommodate any budget!

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