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Stay Healthy this May

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Did you know that May is Hepatitis Awareness Month? Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have a Viral Hepatitis division, which is leading a national education initiative. This initiative aims to decrease the burden of chronic viral hepatitis by increasing awareness about this hidden epidemic and encouraging people who may be chronically infected to get tested.


This year, May 19th will serve as the first ever Hepatitis testing day in the United States. Educating yourself and your family about Hepatitis and other infections can be a very important step to take to keep your loved ones healthy for a lifetime.


Hepatitis A is the most common form in children, and with minimal or no symptoms, you might not even know if you child has contracted the infection! Stay informed and up to date, here is more information about the infection and how to protect your children.


Take advantage of this awareness month and read more about the initiative to share with your friends and family. Have May be your month to prepare everyone for a healthy and fun summer month to come!



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