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Spring Maintenance Tips

Don't step on the cracks!
Although this winter season was nowhere near as extreme as our usual Michigan winters, any bit of winter weather can put pressure on your home. So when you doing your spring cleaning and maintenance, don’t neglect the outside of your house and your yard, as they are just as important.

Consumer Reports has come up with a spring checklist of 8 important outdoor areas that may have potential issues and tell you how to notice them and fix them. Here are the 8 potential issues you should be aware of around your home:

  1. Hazardous deck
  2. Dirty air conditioner
  3. Foundation fissures
  4. Faulty garage-door opener
  5. Clogged gutters
  6. Leaky roof
  7. Weakened trees
  8. Cracked pavement

All of these issues can seem small at first but can develop into a large problem quickly, so make sure to take care of these during your spring maintenance sweep. This will keep your home strong, safe and looking beautiful for many years to come!

Photo Credit: Gouble Dus

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