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Spring Breaks That Won’t Break the Bank


Ready for a vacation? Aren’t we all? The problem with vacations is having enough money saved up to take a vacation and enjoy yourself without the overwhelming feeling of having to count coins.

Besides the internal thoughts about your monetary situation, sometimes traveling, especially with a family, can get stressful and just be a big pain. Spring break is probably one of the best times to plan a family trip, as most schools scatter the week that spring break is held so there won’t be an overload of travelers.

Here are 7 ways you can have a family spring break vacation without emptying your wallet:

  • Use those travel rewards
  • Visit a national park
  • Buddy up with other families for vacation rental homes
  • Swap your house
  • Lean on friends and relatives
  • Consider a cruise
  • Look for last-minute deals

These scenarios can save you a pretty penny and still get you the relaxation and getaway you and your family needs!

Photo Credit: Steve Hersh

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