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Spend a Saturday at Michigan State University

Living in and around the Lansing, MI area provides residents the opportunity to experience not only the benefits that come with living in a state capital, but also the great opportunities that come with living near a university. Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI always has some event going on, and most of them are open to the public. These events can range from sports games and concerts to more unique offerings like plays and presentations from world-renowned artists, lecturers, and even politicians. This year take advantage of the great (and often free) events Michigan State University has open to the public.


The Michigan State University Museum runs many exhibits at the same time, giving visitors a lot of options to choose from. From now until the end of August the “Seeing China: Photographic Views and Viewpoints” exhibit is available for people to walk through. According to the MSU Museum, the purpose of the exhibit is to “challenge viewers to consider the effects of environmental change and political responsibility, rapid urbanization and economic expansion, human and civil rights, and cultural diversity and change.” Looking through the art presented at this event shows people how quickly life can change, and what factors influence that change. A unique experience, the “Seeing China” exhibit is something most people don’t get the chance to observe.


Shakespeare, insects, and the musical version of Stephen King’s “Carrie” – where else can you see a great show with up-and-coming actors for only $10? This year the Department of Theatre at MSU pushes boundaries and expectations with productions like Bug, Chess, and Hair.

During the month of March the psychological drama “Bug,” a play centered on two paranoid loners, is certain to leave you itching for more.

At the end of March you can catch the Tony-nominated rock musical “Chess.” The show is set during the Cold War and pits two chess masters, one American and one Russian, against each other during one of the tensest periods of our time.

A rock musical set in the 1960s, “Hair” is a Broadway musical that was considered very controversial when it first debuted in 1967. A view into the emergence of the hippie counterculture of the 60s, “Hair” showcases the ideas and opinions of a fictional group living during the “peace and love” era.


Bats – the creatures of the night, vampires in animal form, rats with wings. Bats are called a lot of things, but not many of people actually know much about them. Learn the truth about bats at the Bats of the World presentation at MSU in April.

After a long, very cold winter it’s always nice to see hints that spring and warmth are just around the corner. At Beal Botanical Garden you can take a guided tour of spring’s earliest flowering plants and maybe you’ll forget for just a moment that this winter was one of the coldest ever.

Michigan State University is a hub of activity for anything you are interested in – and many things you didn’t know you were interested in. With all the plays, presentations, and activities available to the public, filling up a Saturday is as easy as visiting the MSU events calendar and deciding which events you can fit into your day.


Image: Katherine Welles / Shutterstock.com

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