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Special Offers

$299 Site Rent Special

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Take advantage of $299 Site Rent Special on BRAND NEW 3 and 4 bedroom homes the first 12 months. 

On Home Purchase Only. Offers and terms subject to change without notice.
Not all offers are valid at every community. See Home Specialist for specific details.

Down Payment Assistance

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HomeFirst™ proudly offers down payment assistance. Purchase your home today and we will match your down payment up to $3,500.

On Select Inventory. Offers and terms subject to change without notice.
Not all offers are valid at every community. See Home Specialist for specific details.

Home Town Heroes

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HomeFirst™ admires the men and women who protect our country, at home and abroad, as well as pillars of our local community, and we are pleased to offer our affordably luxurious homes to them for a discounted price.

If you are active-duty military, a veteran, police officer, firefighter, teacher, doctor, or nurse, you will receive $50 off of site rent each month, for the first 12 months.

It’s our way of saying thanks to the heroes who have dedicated their lives to making America a great place to live.

Offers and terms subject to change without notice.
Not all offers are valid at every community. See Home Specialist for specific details.

Let Us Pay to Move Your Home!

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Choose any HomeFirst™ Certified Community, and we’ll pay to relocate your home.

That’s up to $10,000 in savings! You’ll love everything about your new community, from our friendly staff to unparalleled amenities. Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1) Visit one of our beautiful communities across Southeast Michigan.

2) Meet with a HomeFirst™ Certified Community Manager to learn more.

3) We’ll take care of the rest!

Get moving today! View our current mobile homes for sale in a community near you.
Offers and terms subject to change without notice.
Not all offers are valid at every community. See community manager for specific details.

Referral Program

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Residents can earn extra cash by successfully referring others to a HomeFirst™ Certified Community!

Existing residents will earn $150 for their first referral, $300 for their second, and $500 for their third. Referrals are only valid on homes purchased from our inventory (i.e. not brokered).

If a referred prospect has a home in another community, we will pay to move their home into our community, and the referring resident will receive $250.

If a resident refers a prospect and that prospect purchases a brokered home in the community, the referring resident will receive $100.
If a resident refers a prospect and that prospect rents a home, the referring resident will receive $100.
*Referral bonuses will be paid within 30 days of closing. Referral source must be mentioned on first contact.

Here are some more reasons to buy a home in a HomeFirst™ Certified Community:

Spacious homes up to 2,300 square feet
New and fully refurbished pre-owned homes available
Lowest interest rates in years
Flexible financing terms
Monthly payments substantially less than the cost of comparable apartments
1-year wall-to-wall warranty
5-year guaranteed home site leases available
Apply now and see for yourself why there’s no better feeling than owning your own home!*

Offers and terms subject to change without notice.
Not all offers are valid at every community. See sales manager for specific details.

What Our Residents Say

I live in Walnut Ridge and I love my home. My children are able to play outside in my yard without a worry in the world. It’s not like an apartment stacked on top of one another, we have our own space. I spend time on my deck just reading or playing on my tablet with no disturbances. It’s peaceful and relaxing to be out in my garden tending to the flowers and trees.  I couldn’t be happier with my home, the location or the price.

I overcame a lot to get my life back on track. It took a lot of work, but eventually I fixed my credit, too. The people at The Reserve worked things out with me, and I’ll never forget the day I became a homeowner rather than a renter. We had a big barbecue at the clubhouse, and all my friends and neighbors came by!

It was always hard for us to keep up with the bills in our house, and you could tell from our credit going downhill. Fortunately, we found Augusta Woods. The friendly staff and the neighbors were really inviting. The rent is affordable, we were able to get caught up on all of our bills, and our credit is good enough now that we just bought a new car!! We’re always doing stuff here in the community, like potlucks and neighbor kids’ birthday parties. But, when we do leave, we like going to the movies in Ann Arbor, which is just down the road, and taking long drives through the country.

Independence Commons is actually the perfect name because that's what it gave my family – real independence from cramped apartment living. Home ownership is the greatest feeling in the world and my family is so happy here.

Hearing that there was a pool and 24-hour fitness center on-site sounded too good to be true. Little did we know that was only the beginning of the perks that came along with our new home in Springrove. They have on-site storage for our boat which saves us a ton of money every year, there's an in-line skating rink and basketball court for the boys, and a lawn care program which might be the best part. Living here has really given us a greater quality of life. We'll never leave Springrove!

I have lived in the Woodland Ridge community for nine years. I have never felt so comfortable in a neighborhood.

My kids love basketball so if you ask them they will tell you the basketball courts are what makes Clinton  River the best place ever to live. If you ask me – it's the fishing! We are so lucky to be able to call Clinton River home. We are right on the waterfront and only a mile up from Lake St. Clair, we finally have that cottage lifestyle that we always wanted.

I love nature but I needed to be somewhere where I could still access city amenities. I was looking to rent and I came across Springrove online. As soon as I saw the clubhouse I was already sold. It reminded me so much of childhood camping trips where you all hang out in the great lodge by the fireplace. My home is beautiful and comfortable and my neighbors are amazing. I love it here so much that I'm considering buying!

I enjoy living in The Reserve. This is a very quiet community. The residents take pride in their homes. I would recommend this community to anyone. The Reserve has many amenities for all to enjoy and excellent staff on hand.

I am extremely happy that I moved to Independence Commons because of the management, the activities and great neighbors.

I have been working with the staff here at Walnut Ridge for over a year. We found just the right home here at Walnut Ridge. Their patience and professionalism throughout my search was incredible. The home I found is exactly what I have been looking for. I love everything about it, the location, size, and the overall appearance of the home. If it wasn't for the staff keeping me apprised. and interested I would have never found my own home. I am happy to call Walnut Ridge home.

We have lived in the Independence Commons Community for about 23 years now and we are very happy here. We are now in our 80’s and feel very secure and comfortable here.  Our neighbors are all very kind and check on us when our children are not around. What the community offers is wonderful.  We would and have recommended it to friends and family.

I have lived in Riverbrook for about 18 years. I have grown into an adult in New Haven and especially so in this community. The location of Riverbrook is perfect for either short trips to the grocery store or an evening out in the city. You are able to have a quiet setting away from busy town lights but have the benefits of living in a community. Riverbrook goes above and beyond with their events and activities allowing residents to strengthen relationships with neighbors as well as making a few more new friends.

We chose to live in the Clinton River Community because it is clean, safe and friendly. We love the staff. They are a wonderful group of people. They are always ready to lend a helping hand. There is nothing they wouldn’t do for you if they can. It is a pleasure to live here and we love our home.

I love living in Independence Commons. It also has everything I need to stay in shape. The pool is fabulous and my daughter loves it. I also love that it has an on-site manager, so I don’t have to wait if I have an emergency that requires maintenance. Not to mention the friendly staff I’ve grown to love.

The residents at Clinton River show a true care for one another. The Management team works very hard to keep our community clean, safe and happy! They go above and beyond to make our place quiet and very senior friendly. I am very happy to be part of it.

Reasons I love living in Woodland Ridge? Where do I start? Number one has to be my awesome neighbors. They are not just my neighbors, but some of my best friends and we love hanging out at the pool, going for bike rides, playing with the neighborhood dogs – it's just like being on a resort every day.

I've been living in Springrove for about 6 months. I really enjoy living here. My neighbors are all friendly. I enjoy the fitness center, pool, and swings. Springrove is close to I-75 which makes going anywhere really convenient. Maintenance and the service tech respond to repair requests quickly and the ladies in the office are very helpful and polite. I enjoy living in Springrove and I'm happy to call it my home!

We have lived in Woodland Ridge for over 2 years. We are very happy with the neighbors and the management. We recommend Woodland Ridge to anyone!

We have lived at Woodland Ridge for almost 2 years now, and absolutely love it here! Our home is beautiful, our neighborhood is great, everyone always watches out for one another. We look forward to living in Woodland Ridge for years to come.

We love living in our community here at Clinton River. We have built so many memories here with our family, friends and our grandchildren. Living on the waterfront has been a great blessing to us. We enjoy the river and all the wildlife it brings.

I have enjoyed iving in Walnut Ridge for 15 years. I love the pool and the basketball courts. The staff and residents are very helpful.

I love Augusta Woods. The people are friendly and I enjoy the fresh country air. It’s just a short drive away from the airport. Augusta Woods is close to Ann Arbor, which we love to spend time there on the weekends. The schools here are great, and our kids have never had any trouble with the neighborhood  kids. They spend a lot of time at the pool in the summer. The staff is very friendly. Life here is really good.

When I’m deployed, I want to make sure my family is safe and comfortable. Living in Meadow Creek, I feel good knowing that I’m leaving them in good hands. The cost of living in New Haven is very affordable. The schools are good, and the local high school offers smaller class sizes.

It's beautiful, peaceful and has such a great sense of community. I love living in Woodland Ridge and I was able to design my home in a way that fits me and my lifestyle. I would and have recommended moving to Woodland Ridge to my friends.

I am extremely happy that I moved to Independence Commons because of the management, the activities and great neighbors.

I enjoy living in Walnut Ridge have been there for 15 years. I love the pool, the basketball courts are like my second home. The staff and residence are very helpful.

I love living here at Walnut Ridge, it is quiet and I feel that having an on-site manager is a benefit to the residents. I also have family and many friends living here at Walnut Ridge. I enjoy having my own home because I am not stuck in an apartment with people above and below me. By living in a community, I am able to have my own space and a yard. I've even had the opportunity to add a beautiful deck onto my home, which is great for barbecues in the summer and entertaining. Walnut Ridge is a great for anyone, and is a lovely place to call home.