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What to do with the Spare Bedrooms in Your Manufactured Home

With the affordable cost of manufactured homes, many people are in the position to buy or rent a larger option than what they actually need. When it comes to mobile homes for rent or sale, yes: you’ll find one-bedroom options out there, but it’s much more common to find a 2-bedroom mobile home or even a 3-bedroom mobile home for sale or rent within your price range.

If you’re an empty-nester and you don’t really need a spare bedroom (or two), what will you do with that extra space? Here are some logical options as well as some ideas that you might not have thought of.

Hobby and Craft Room

Whether you like to sew, quilt, paint, do models, or scrapbook, hobbies like these come with a number of accessories. Your spare room could serve as a place to not only spread out and enjoy doing your hobby while keeping your regular living space tidy, but it also provides great storage opportunities for all of the accessories associated with your hobbies.

Home Gym

There is a huge market of home gym supplies because people want the option to get their workout in without leaving their house. Whether you belong to a gym or would simply like to workout at home, a home gym could boost the chances of you getting or staying fit, regardless of the weather and your schedule. The investment of a few pieces of home gym equipment could quickly be eliminated compared to paying for a gym membership. There are some great space-saver options, too, if your spare room is on the small side.

Games Room

Have you always wanted a Foosball or pool table? Do you enjoy playing darts? What about video games? A spare room could be a great place to do these things as well as store board games and jigsaw puzzles. If you’re an empty-nester and have grandkids visit, that room could be their favorite place to hang out when they visit.

Home Office

Whether you work at home occasionally (or telecommute) or would simply like a quiet and organized place to manage finances, use your computer, write that Great American novel you’ve always wanted to write, etc.  A home office could be a great use of your spare bedroom.


Whether you live in a 2-bedroom or a 3-bedroom mobile home in Michigan, having a place for storage is always welcome. If your second or third bedroom is small, you can outfit it with shelving or armoires to provide ample storage space.

An Income Opportunity

A spare room could be a way to offset your rent or mortgage. Interested in setting up a boarding scenario for a local or exchange student? What about fostering some children and making a difference in someone’s life? A spare room in your mobile home could help you expand your horizons or augment your income.

Tip: If you rent your mobile home, ensure you won’t be in conflict with your lease before renting out a room.

A Multi-functional Guest Room

A guest room is a very logical option for a spare bedroom, but there are ways you can make your extra bedroom useful for more than the occasional sleepover from friends or family. There are great options in home furnishings that don’t take up a lot of space and / or that can be put away easily when not in use.

Consider choosing a pull-out bed so that you can set the room up for additional living space or uses outside the occasions you have overnight guests.

A pull-out sofa bed or a futon can be a great option. There are also innovative Murphy beds that fold away into a wall unit to keep the bed completely out of the way when it’s not in use (as well as offering additional storage and display options).

Whether you are considering a 2-bedroom mobile home in Michigan or are intrigued by extra space with a 3-bedroom mobile home for rent or sale, there are great spacious mobile homes for rent and sale throughout many parts of Michigan. If you’ve never considered moving manufactured homes for rent as a rental option, have a look at them for cost-effective living without having to give up a spacious home.

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