Choosing the Right Small Window Air Conditioner

Choosing the Right Small Window Air Conditioner

Its finally summer! Which means ice cream, barbeques and hot weather! If your home doesn’t have central air, and fans just aren’t cutting it, a small window air conditioner could be just the thing you need. They can be fairly inexpensive, and save on energy costs if you get the right one.
Here are 5 things you should consider when thinking about mobile home ac:

1. Cooling Capacity – Cooling power is measured in British Thermal Unites (BTU). To get the biggest bang for your buck, you want a small window air conditioner that has a BTU to fit your space. You can find a BTU calculator online to help you figure out the best option.

2. Installation – You want to think about where you will install the unit. Most window AC models are designed to fit inside double-hung windows. Although with the right mounting hardware, many models can be installed inside a custom-created wall space. Make sure you have measured the window or space you plan on using before you start shopping.

3. Electrical Requirements – Small window air conditioner units are more powerful than other household appliances. Make sure that your electrical system meets the needs of the unit you plan to install. Take into consideration voltage, amps, and watts. Along with the correct plug face type.

4. Energy Efficiency – Window air conditioners can be a better economical choice than mobile home ac systems. They cost less to purchase and can be cheaper to operate over the long-term. To gauge a unit’s energy efficiency you want to look for two things: Energy Star rating and/or an EER number. Taking a quick look at these numbers and ratings will help you save on your energy bills for years to come.

5. Maintenance – To keep your small window air conditioner in top cooling condition, you’ll want to perform periodic maintenance on it. Debris and dirt can build up inside the unit. To ensure effective and long-lasting operation, you’ll want to clean your unit and filter thoroughly at least once a year. Refer to the instructions manual for tips and instructions on maintaining your unit.

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