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Sledding Made Easy at HomeFirst™

With the winter season already upon us, you and your kids have already gotten out your winter clothing, including snow pants, hats, gloves, boots, and much more.  At any given time in Michigan, two or three inches of snow could fall, so you have to be prepared to go outside and play in the snow with your kids when they want to. This includes building a snowman, snow angels, snow forts, having snowball fights, and the most fun of all, sledding.  

One of the great things about living in a HomeFirst community in the winter is that you’ll be close to lots of places where you can spend an afternoon on the hill with your kids, having fun watching them sled.   

Make Sledding Fun as Can Be

If you don’t have sleds ready to use, don’t worry! You don’t have to go out and buy anything expensive when there are plenty of ways to create one out of items around your house. This is great because it saves you money on buying a sled and it’s a great activity for your kids to do together. One way to create a sled is with a cardboard box, duct tape, and a black garbage bag.  While you handle the cutting of the box, tape and garbage bag, let your kids tape everything up to create a one-of-a-kind sled.  If you have enough material to make two sleds, make it happen so nobody has to wait a turn to slide down the hill.  

A garbage can lid is another great way to make a sled out of items around the house. While any child can sit on the lid itself and slide down, you can enhance it by putting a few layers of duct tape and/or plastic wrap on the bottom to make it go faster.  This is much more cost efficient than purchasing a 20 or 30 dollar sled at the store.  The thought of sledding mostly comes up during or after a big snowfall, and who wants to fight traffic to purchase a sled when you can build one right in your house, and head to the sledding hills.  

Join Us!
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