6 Fun Activities to Try On the Ice

Snow might be the prized treasure of Christmas holidays, but what if it’s not cold enough to stick? Or what if your children are tired of endless snowmen and snowball fights? Do you have to give up your dreams of cold-weather fun just because there’s nothing left to play with but ice?

Not at all!

If you’d like to try something new this winter, here are a few fun things to do on the ice.

1: Skating

Ice skating, of course, is the reason you get excited when the lake freezes over, and the whole family will have a blast with this one. Lace on your skates and spin, slip and slide your way through a joyful afternoon full of laughter and falling flat on your backside while your children mock your old bones.

2: Sledding

Ice sledding has a dangerous reputation, but there’s no reason you and your kids can’t safely enjoy this wintertime activity after taking proper cautions. For example, you’ll want to start with small hills instead of massive drops, and you should thoroughly bundle up for both warmth and padding in case of a spill. Ice sledding can offer a wonderful bonding experience for your and your little ones as long as you stay vigilant!

3: Hockey

It doesn’t have to be the violent sport you see on ESPN. Remember The Mighty Ducks? Use a couple of garbage cans as goal posts and then let your kids go wild. They can form teams, choose their own scoring system and decide their own penalties. As a bonus, you might offer post-game hot cocoa as an incentive for playing fair.

4: Tubing

Perfect for manufactured home communities, tubing provides a fun but low-impact way for kids to enjoy themselves on the ice. Unlike skiing or sledding, they won’t reach high speeds in inflated tubes, and even if they tumble over or crash into a mailbox, it won’t cause damage to themselves or anyone else’s property. If you want to encourage fun without the skinned knees of more involved winter activities, suggest tubing for your child’s next play date outdoors.

5: Broomball

Like hockey, but with less rules and more room for spontaneity, broomball is played with brooms instead of sticks and balls instead of pucks. It’s a great way to get the entire family off the couch: Younger children can keep up with their older siblings with such a large target, teenagers will appreciate broomball’s similarity to on-the-ground Quidditch, and mom will sweep the floor with everyone since she’s the only one who regularly cleans.

6: Sculpting

You probably don’t want your under-10s handling an ice pick, but you can create cool ice sculptures with nothing but snow, water and a little imagination. For example, you can dip Christmas lights into ice trays and stick them in the freezer for a chain of multi-colored ice lights. You can make ice ribbons from the fence and Jenga houses from stacked icicles. If it’s cold enough, you can even create ice patterns in the snow with a hose!

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