Simple Ways to Slash Your Food Bills

groceries in transit
Pay Less and Eat Well

Around the holiday season, we are always looking for easy ways to spend less and save more. But what if you could spend less on essential items you need without cutting down on quality and save money? Well guess what? You can … you can do it all year round!

The money experts at MSN Money have a short and sweet video with awesome tips on how to cut down on your food bills and help save you money that you could be using for something else (like holiday gifts)! Some simple and easy tips to abide by during your next grocery store visit are:

  • Buy bulk when it makes sense to do so. You’ll save more than you would have ever thought!
  • Weigh on the scale pre-packaged produce, such as potatoes, to make sure you are getting what you pay for.
  • The less prepared and packaged the food is, the cheaper it’ll be!

So make sure to watch this video and make note of these tips before your next shopping trip to the grocery store. Watch how much money you will save by implementing these guidelines; you’ll never go back to shopping like you used too!

Photo Credit: Matt MacGillivray

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