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Simple Energy Saving Tips


Simple tips that save money and help the environment

Going ‘green’ and saving the world’s energy has been all the rage the past couple of years and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. You might think that going ‘green’ means giving up some staples in your home or spending a lot of money, but in actuality, there are plenty simple and quick ways to be energy efficient without breaking the bank.

Some easy examples of saving energy in your home, that you might have not even considered an energy saving techniques, are to layer curtains over shades to keep the temperature in the home cool, or to program your thermostat to control temperatures when no one is home. If you have some extra money in your budget to spend, making bigger upgrades for energy efficiency usually have the biggest pay back in the long run. For more tips and solutions to help you save money and be more energy efficient check out this full list from Woman’s Day.

Photo Credit: Carlos Varela

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