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Show Your Kids How to Play Safe at at HomeFirst™ Community

All the Sports You Need

Everyone loves the late summer and early fall months because it’s the best time to play outside or get some exercise.  It’s not too hot or cold for you or your kids to exercise outside.  If it’s comfortable outside for your kids then they’re more than likely to stay out there for a long amount of time where you can play with them, or you can decide to get some chores done around your manufactured home while they’re outside having fun.  Your kids can have fun especially if you own a HomeFirst™ Manufactured Home because there’s so much to do within the friendly confines of the community.  Not only do we have the space to accommodate any amount of friends of your kids’, but we have all the equipment for your kids to play ball in any sport that they choose.  Not only do we have enough area of grass for your kids and their friends to play catch with a football, but there are also basketball courts, baseball and soccer fields, and in-line hockey rinks to choose from because not everyone has the same likeness in sports.  So, you or your kids can play a little of all the sports in the same day if you want.   

What to do Before Activity

Before everyone goes outside to enjoy the weather and play, it’s important to take steps to not hurt yourself even before picking up a ball.  Regardless of the sport you’re playing, make sure that everyone has the appropriate padding and equipment specific to the sport being played.  Don’t throw around a baseball if you don’t have a baseball glove, and it’s not a good idea to play inline hockey without all the padding to go along with a stick and helmet.  The last thing you want to have happen is one of your child’s friends get hit in with a puck, and get rushed to the hospital.  Also, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to show your kids some stretching techniques.  This can prevent any muscle strains or tears that may occur when playing any sport.  Have your children get in the habit of stretching before playing on a consistent basis so, they can get used to it and perhaps make some fun out of it.  

Play Ball!

When everyone is playing, make sure to keep an eye on any kids that may be playing too rough or perhaps trying to bully the other kids around because they’re bigger than the other kids.  If you observe this, call them over and have a simple chat with them just to make sure they know that you recognized their rough play.  They may have thought they were getting away with it because nobody was saying anything to them, but the fact is that you observed the situation and pointed them out.  If the problem persists sit them out for a few minutes, or perhaps get in touch with their parents and explain the situation to them.  All of the activities available to you at HomeFirst™ are encouraged to play with safety so, you and your family can achieve consistent exercise and stay healthy for the future.  


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