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7 Fun and Inexpensive Date Night Ideas

If your date nights with your loved ones are getting to seem monotonous, there are alternatives. Check out these seven new date ideas that are fun and won’t break your budget.

Go To a Hockey Game

Instead of spending a large amount of money on a NHL hockey game, consider getting tickets to a small-town game. These tickets are generally affordable and offer great hockey entertainment without the large price tag.

Go See a Local Play

Many high schools and community theaters offer great quality plays throughout the year. For a small amount of money, you and your loved one can see an old classic or a new play that you have never seen before. This is a great alternative to a traditional date at a movie theater for a lot less money.

Tour Open Houses

If a Saturday afternoon date is in your near future, why not tour open houses in your town? Many manufactured homes have open houses listed in the paper, and you can get some great ideas for decorating your current home. You and your loved one will spend an enjoyable day in each others’ company while you learn what is trendy and stylish in manufactured home designs.

Have a Video Game Marathon

For a fun and inexpensive date, why not rent a few new video games and have a video game marathon with your loved one? Pop some popcorn and settle in for a night of friendly competition, and you are sure to make some great memories of date nights.

Take a Cooking Class

On a cold Saturday in winter, why not take a cooking class with your loved one? This is a fresh date idea that will help you break out of the traditional weekend date ideas. Check the websites of local colleges or community education for fun cooking classes you can take together.

Go Swimming

If you and your loved one enjoy swimming, why not turn this activity into a date night? visit your local YMCA, a community center, or even purchase water park passes to a local hotel. Water park passes can be purchased inexpensively, and you can stay the entire day, relaxing in the hot tub or lazy river.

Try a New Sport Together

If swimming isn’t your thing, learn a new sport for a fun date night. Whether it is downhill skiing, ice skating, or snowshoeing, this is an adventurous date idea that may turn into a shared hobby for the two of you.

Regardless of which date night idea you choose, as long as you are making time to spend together as a couple you are sure to have a great time. So next time you see open houses advertised for manufactured homes, community events, or wonder about a new sport you might enjoy, consider using those options for your next date night.

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