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Seasonal Storage in your Manufactured Home

As the Michigan summer slowly comes to a close, the cold weather will begin to slowly creep in. That means it’s time to take any patio furniture, grilling equipment, and sometimes outdoor decor, and move that into a safe place for the approaching colder weather. At HomeFirst™, we know how important it is to save space in your house, that’s why most of our communities offer on-site storage units for you and your families most-loved seasonal accessories.  

When you live in a home in one of our HomeFirst™ communities,  you’ll have plenty of storage options available. All homes in our communities come with their own storage sheds. This is a standard feature and not something you’ll have to pay extra for! This way, you’ll have plenty of room to put your lawn chairs, lawn mowers, bikes, tools, and other summertime essentials.

Still need more room? Many homes in our communities also come with garages so you’ll have even more room to store all your important outdoor tools and keep your car out of the snow. If your home doesn’t already have a garage, you always have the option to add one on!

But what if you have something really big to store, like a boat or RV? Some of our communities even have options for that! Our Springrove, Walnut Ridge, Independence Commons, and Woodland Ridge communities all have on-site storage facilities where you can keep those sorts of things. No need to pay a small fortune to store it elsewhere!

Not only will you have lots of ways to store all of your seasonal, outdoor things, you’ll have lots of storage space available inside the house, too. Homes in our communities range in size up to 2,300 square feet, so can have all the space you need! Many homes in our communities come equipped with nice, big walk-in closets and have lots of cupboards in the kitchen. You’ll be able to save money without having to downsize to an apartment or a smaller site-built home, which can leave you feeling cramped.

Don’t let storage be an issue for you or your family! Choose a home in a  HomeFirst™ manufactured housing community and you won’t have to worry about storage anymore!

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