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Save Money on Home Ownership With a Newly Remodeled Manufactured Home!

A unique feature of living in a HomeFirst™ manufactured housing community is that when someone moves out, whether they rented or owned their home, we go in and remodel the home before re-selling or re-renting it. That way, the next person or family who moves in will be moving into a home that’s as good as new!

When we remodel a home, we give the home a thorough inspection to make sure everything is in like new condition. We check everything — the condition of the flooring, the electrical wiring, the plumbing, the cabinets, the countertops — to make sure they are in great condition and still looking nice. Carpeting is generally replaced, so that will be fresh and clean for you when you move in Even if the cupboards are simply starting to look a little worse for wear, we’ll replace them with new ones.

Manufactured homes are an incredible value even if you buy a brand new one, but newly remodeled manufactured homes are an even better value! The great thing about buying a newly remodeled manufactured home is that you get to live in a very nice home that’s in practically brand new condition, but for a better price than having a new home built for you in the factory. And with a newly remodeled manufactured home, you won’t have to worry that there could be major issues you weren’t aware of or knowing that you’re going to have to get rid of old, worn out carpeting and flooring. We’ve gone ahead and taken care of all that for you!

If you were to rent a site-built home or an apartment, it’s extremely unlikely the property would go through that level of freshening up before you move in. At most, the landlord would probably fix any major damage and maybe paint or replace the carpeting if the previous tenant had lived there a while, but they’re probably not going to replace cupboards or countertops for looking just a little bit worn. Even if a landlord is willing to do something like that, it would likely make rent more expensive since those things would be new and modern-looking.

And if you were to buy a site-built home? The seller might be willing to make some repairs before selling it to you, but with things like replacing carpeting or cupboards, you’d most likely be on your own for that.

Interested in living in a newly remodeled manufactured home? HomeFirst™ has manufactured homes available to rent or buy in several communities near some of Michigan’s best locations. Not only are our homes an amazing value, our residents also have access to wonderful amenities such as fitness centers, clubhouses, athletic courts, swimming pools, playgrounds, and more! Take a look at what we have available; we’re sure you’ll find a place you’d love to call home!

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