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Save Money in the Winter With HomeFirst™

Perhaps you’ve heard about all of the different ways that HomeFirst™ can save you money just by moving in, but what about all the different tricks there are to save even more money within your manufactured home?  

The average American household spends around $1,400 a year on energy bills and by moving into a manufactured home, you’re already taking a good step toward reducing your energy bills. The manufactured homes in HomeFirst™ communities are constructed to be energy efficient because the building process allows more pieces to be constructed together as a single unit, meaning there are fewer places for heat to escape through. You also won’t have to worry about any water damage, rust, or mold when moving in because manufactured homes are built indoors, out of the elements. You’ll already be saving a bundle on your energy bills just by living in a modern manufactured home, but why not take steps to save even more?

Avoid Heating Unused Rooms

Winter is the season that most people don’t like because of the temperature, snow, and winds, among other variables, but as long as you’re staying inside you should have nothing to worry about. Many manufactured homes at HomeFirst™ consist of more than two bedrooms, but sometimes you don’t use all of those rooms or you don’t use them very often. Maybe one of your kids has moved out or you’re just using an extra bedroom for storage or as a guest room. If the heat is running in those extra rooms, you’re wasting money on energy. All you have to do is close off all the air vents, close the door, and block the bottom of the door with a towel so the air from the bedroom doesn’t seep through to the main part of the house.  This will keep heat from running in an unoccupied room, and instead the rest of the houses will be heated appropriately.  

Proper Lighting

Using LED lights may cost a little more in the store, but use much less energy than regular lights. So the next time you go to replace a bulb, consider making a trip to the store for LED lights which will save you energy and money for years to come.  

Heating Filters       

To keep your heater from working harder than it should, it’s important to check your heating filter once a month.  If you do this, your heater won’t use more energy than it ought to. When your heater runs more than it should, it can cost you money in the long run and put you at risk for having to deal with sudden furnace repairs.

There are more ways to save energy and money at HomeFirst™, but as long as you abide by these easy steps, you’ll be saving quite a bit of money for years to come!

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