Save Money by NOT Buying These 5 Items

Save Money by NOT Buying These 5 Items

Bottled Water Macros December 02, 20107
We all know that not all of the products we buy are necessities to our everyday lives; and we also know that we can save money by not purchasing certain products. But when it comes down to it, we might not even realize how much extra money we are spending on products that can easily be replaced with reusable options or just get rid of them all together.

So what products should we rethink about adding to our weekly or monthly grocery lists? Below, we’ve got 5 items that you definitely can live without that can save you quite a bit of money!

Bottled water: Although .99 cents a bottle doesn’t seem like very much at the time, think big picture here. For a 6 pack of bottled water you pay about $6.00, maybe less. Tap water is free and unlimited so you automatically are saving money! The U.S. makes sure our drinking water is clean and free of any harmful chemicals. But if that still isn’t good enough for you, consider purchasing a filtered water pitcher. You spend about $20 one time, and have filtered water for up to 3 months!

Individual yogurt cups: Yogurt is very good for your digestive system and your overall health. But buying yogurt in individual plastic cups is not good for the environment or your wallet! You’ll save lots of money if you purchase large tubs of your favorite flavor instead. If you take yogurt to work with you, just use a reusable plastic container.

Cable bill: Feel like nothing is ever on TV when you want it to be? Is your cable bill getting higher and higher? Consider getting rid of cable all together and just streaming your television shows online. Depending on your service provider and your package, you will be saving approximately $60+ a month by only paying for Internet! That is a lot of money that you can use for so many other things!

Paper cups/napkins & bills: Paper cups and napkins are big money wasters at home. Replace your paper cups in the bathroom with a glass cup. Instead of paper napkins try using cloth. And last but no least, ask to get your paper bills electronically. You will be saving yourself money and helping the environment.

Electric hand appliances: Although this isn’t a regular expense, this is a completely unnecessary one. Why spend $50 on an electric can opener when you can spend $5? This goes for most electric hand appliances, save yourself the money by buying the simple manual tools. Another perk with buying the cheaper versions: if they break, they don’t cost very much to replace!
Want to know exactly how much money you are wasting? Watch the video.

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