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Renting a Manufactured Home — A Great Option for College Students and Recent Grads!

Going to college is an exciting time in life. You’re done with high school and are getting ready to start preparing for a new career. Unfortunately, college can get awfully expensive. Not only is there tuition to worry about, you’ve also got to think about books, meal plans, and if you’re going to school away from home, room and board. There are ways to avoid paying sky high prices at the campus bookstore, but what can you do to save on room and board? Dorm rooms are expensive, small, drab, and aren’t exactly peaceful. Even if you get an apartment off-campus, renting an apartment isn’t cheap and apartments near college campuses are also often noisy and drab. But what about renting a manufactured home?

According to a 2012 study by Foremost Insurance Group, 33% of people who rent their manufactured homes are between the ages of 18 and 29, so it’s very likely many of them are people just like you: students looking to beat the high cost of education. Many of HomeFirst™’s manufactured housing communities are located close to college campuses and with their highly affordable prices, you’ll be able to save a bundle on getting an education!

Are you a student at Michigan State University or Lansing Community College? Our Independence Commons community is located in Potterville, conveniently located just a short drive away from Lansing. For those of you attending Jackson College, Kellogg Community College, Baker College Jackson, or taking classes at the Eastern Michigan University’s Jackson Campus, our Walnut Ridge community is located right in Jackson. Woodland Ridge is close to Washtenaw Community College and our Clinton River community is close to Oakland University’s Macomb County Campus. Riverbrook, Meadow Creek, and Clinton River are all just a short distance away from Macomb Community College’s campus on Garfield Road!

Living in a manufactured home has a lot of big advantages over living in a dorm room. First of all, you won’t be living wall-to-wall with your neighbors so you’ll be able to study in peace and quiet and not have to listen to your neighbor’s loud music or parties. You’ll also have so much more space to work with! No need to worry about sharing a tiny closet with a roommate or trying to maximize the storage space under your bed. Manufactured homes in our communities are up to 2,300 square feet and many of them have spacious walk-in closets!  Doesn’t that sound much better than a teeny, tiny dorm room?

By renting a manufactured home, you also won’t have to worry about having to pay for a meal plan, which is often required if you live on campus. And since many of our communities are located near community colleges, which don’t typically have on-campus housing as an option for students, you’ll have an affordable way to live on your own even if you aren’t going to school far away.

If you’ve recently graduated from college and have student debt to worry about, manufactured housing is an excellent option for you, too! The highly affordable nature of manufactured homes makes it perfect for people on a budget. This will let you focus on getting started in your career and paying down your debt without having to worry about spending huge amounts of money on renting an apartment or house. If you’re just getting started in life, you might appreciate being able to take advantage of the complimentary credit and debt counseling services from GreenPath Debt Solutions, which is available to all HomeFirst™ residents. This way, you’ll have access to lots of resources to help you to get started on the right foot!

Interested in renting a manufactured home? HomeFirst™ has  manufactured homes to rent in many of our manufactured housing communities. In addition to having many stylish yet affordable manufactured homes available, our communities also feature plenty of amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, athletic courts and more! If you’re interested in seeing a home in one of our communities or have any questions, contact us! We’re here to help!

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