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Reaching Your Full Potential at Holly High School

Attending a class in a traditional classroom setting is just one way to learn things. Many of the most important skills we learn in life are best learned by getting to apply them in hands-on situations. This is why so many colleges and universities like to admit students who are involved in extracurricular clubs and activities.

As a resident of HomeFirst™’s Springrove manufactured home community, your children will attend Holly Area Schools. Over the years, Holly High School has consistently performed very highly when compared to other Michigan high schools and their students have earned some excellent test scores. However, great academics aren’t the only reason why Holly High School is an excellent place for your kids to get an education. They also have countless clubs and activities to get involved with, making it possible for students to get a well-rounded education.

One of the best reasons to get involved with extracurricular activities is because they are such a great way to build leadership skills. No matter what kind of career your teenager is interested in pursuing, basic leadership skills will help take them a step further in life. By joining Class Government, National Honor Society, Student Council, or Interact Club, teens have a great chance to start building those leadership skills and give back to the school and the community at the same time.

Teens who are interested in studying foreign languages and cultures will be able to do just that thanks to clubs like French Club, French National, Spanish Club, and Spanish National Honor Society.

Holly High students have plenty of chances to express themselves creatively, too. If your teen has a knack for music, they could join the choir or perform in the concert band, jazz band, marching band, or pep band. Aspiring writers could write for the school newspaper or join the Novel Club. If photography or graphic design is something your teenager loves, working on the yearbook would be perfect for them!

No high school would be complete without plenty of athletic teams to join. Holly High School offers many of the most popular sports teams around, such as basketball, football, baseball/softball, swimming, tennis, track, and more.

As a Springrove resident, these are just a few of the wonderful opportunities that will be available to your kids. Springrove is located in Davisburg, very close to the beautiful downtown Holly area. You’d be able to enjoy everything Holly has to offer, but for a very affordable price! Downtown Holly is full of fun things to do all year long, but you’ll also have an endless amount of ways you can have fun without leaving the community. The Springrove community features a swimming pool, fitness room, inline skating rink, and picnic area, just to name a few.

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