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Re-Launch Your Career With These Part-Time Jobs

Whether you’re looking to increase your income, an activity to keep you busy, or both, a part-time job may be exactly what you need. There are several types of jobs on the market designed for mature individuals of all types of backgrounds, skills and qualifications. Here are some of the best part-time jobs for older workers.

Retail Jobs

There’s a reason that retail jobs are so popular among older workers. There are openings across many industries, the hours are flexible, and the work isn’t that laborious. Most stores value older workers because of their strong communication skills, depth of experiences, and ability to recognize the importance of making customers happy.

Medical Assistant

With the job outlook looking strong through 2018, medical assistant jobs will be in high-demand over the next few years. While certification is available, you don’t need formal training to become a medical assistant. There are number of duties associated with the job, from clerical work to clinical tasks. Responsibilities vary from office to office, depending largely on the location, size and nature of the practice.


A staple of nearly every industry, the U.S. government forecasts 41 percent growth for medical secretaries by 2020. That means plenty of opportunities for part-time work in this field. Responsibilities may range from organizing schedules, answering phones, greeting customers, and more. It’s perfect for individuals with strong people and organizational skills.

Teacher Assistants

Teaching assistants support teachers in K-12 or preschool classrooms. Perfect for individuals with an interest in education, the job includes lesson planning, grading papers, supervising children, and perhaps even teaching! Roughly 40 percent of teacher assistants work part time, and almost all work the typical nine or 10-month school year.

Computer Support Specialists

If you’re a tech savvy individual with experience using different computer systems, you may have a future as a computer support specialist. These specialists are valued by various employers for their ability to provide technical assistance. Duties include troubleshooting computer, software, and hardware problems, as well as dealing with complex operating systems.

Career Coach

As a career coach, you’ll get to impart your wisdom in the next generation of workers. Career coaches assist their clients in planning career moves, developing leadership skills and identifying personal goals. Other duties may include helping clients find employment opportunities, prepare for interviews, and write resumes and cover letters.

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