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How to Prevent Allergy Attacks at Home

September is one of the toughest months for people with allergies. The seasonal transition, combined with extremely high pollen rates, makes life miserable for millions of people. In addition to taking antihistamines and being well stocked with Kleenex, here are 6 helpful tips to prevent allergy attacks at home:

1) Keep Windows Closed

Limit your exposure to pollens and allergens by keeping windows shut. Pollens can infiltrate your home even through screens, and settle in every nook and cranny of home. Instead of leaving your windows open, utilize air conditioning or fans to keep your home cool. If you use fans, though, remember to keep the blades clean and dust free. Dust is a common allergen, and if your fan is covered in it, that’s bad news.

2) Vacuum Frequently

Whether you have carpeted or hardwood floors, be sure to vacuum frequently and thoroughly. Next to getting your floors professionally cleaned, vacuuming is the most efficient way to keep pollens out of your home. If you don’t vacuum, the pollens and dusts will accumulate and make your allergies difficult to manage.

3) Hot Shower

After spending several hours outdoors, take a hot shower with an emphasis on cleaning your hair. Pollens can collect in your hair and cascade down toward your eyes, causing itchiness and other reactions. If you’re suffering an allergy attack, a hot shower may also be the perfect remedy. In addition to removing the pollens, showers can help you relax.

4) Pets

If you have pets, be mindful that allergies get embedded in their coats. So each time they come inside, they’re carrying allergens with them. While it’s not realistic to give your pets a bath every time they go outside, try to keep them out of your bedroom. At least this way you’ll be able to sleep restfully in an allergy-free zone. Pets also underscore the need to vacuum.

5) Remove Shoes

Just like pets import allergies into your home with their paws, you do the same with your shoes. That’s why it’s recommended that you remove your shoes the moment you enter your home – and have guests do the same. This can make a really big difference!

6) Floor Mats

Use floor mats to catch allergens lurking near your home. Place a mat inside and outside every entry point. Every week or so, clean your floor mats by shaking them off into a trash bin and hosing them down. Wash your hands with soap and water after contact.

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