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Prepping for Winter and the Holidays

3D Home Inspection Checklist
Can’t believe it’s almost November already? You aren’t the only one! So as the days go by and we get closer to the winter months, you need to start thinking about what chores need to get done to prepare for colder weather and the upcoming holidays.

Take our consolidated checklist of holiday preparations and seasonal chores that you should try and knock out by the end of November. Check each one off as you complete it, good luck!

  • Daylight Savings Time | Turn back clocks “Fall backward”
  • Get your car winter-ready
  • Cover up drafty windows and doors before the temperature drops
  • Get cold weather clothes that fit
  • Clean out garage to make room for cars
  • Yard maintenance
    • Put away hoses
    • Winterize sprinklers
    • Get your pets prepped for cold weather with warm beds and sweaters/booties
    • Have an emergency kit for potential power, heat and communication service outages
    • Winterize your home | Check shutters, siding, gutters and other exterior materials
    • Holiday Planning
      • Decide whether you are getting a frozen or fresh turkey
      • Make decorations accessible
      • Prepare area for wet shoes when company comes over (and kids!)


Photo Credit: Chris Potter

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