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How to Plan the Perfect Party in Your Home

Entertaining is easy when you live in a HomeFirstCertified Community Home. Our homes have several amazing characteristics, including spacious backyards. As discussed in a blog earlier this month, the benefits of a big backyard are plentiful. But we wanted to talk a little more about entertaining, because there’s no better time to host your family and friends for a memorable evening in your home than during the summer.

Provide Food and Drinks:

As long as you provide enough of both, you can’t really go wrong. Fire up the grill and cook some burgers and hot dogs. Make sure to provide a healthy option, too (veggie burgers might be a nice touch). And very important: ask your guests if they have any dietary restrictions or food allergies in advance.


Music adds a nice touch to any get-together. You don’t need deafening speakers; just make sure the music is loud enough to add some life to the party! There are several great music applications like Spotify or Pandora from which you can make or choose a playlist. All you’ve got to do is hook up your computer or phone and voila: you’ve got music!

Sometimes good conversation is more than enough to carry your party. But when words aren’t enough, an activity can really liven things up! Get a deck of cards, a board game, or another party starter to kick-start the fun.

Meet and Mingle:

If your guest list consists of people from different areas of your life, be sure to introduce them to each other. If the crowd is big enough you may want to consider providing nametags, but that can also make the party seem a bit stuffy. If guests aren’t introduced to each other, it can make things sort of awkward and prevent the party from being as great as it can be.

House Tour:

If your guests have never seen your home, show them around. People are probably dying to see how you’ve designed and decorated. This is your chance to show off your style and brag about living in one of the best homes in Michigan!

Have Fun:

This is your party, and it’s your job to keep people entertained. But don’t forget that the main point of hosting the event is to have fun! Don’t be too stressed worrying about others. If your guests see you having a good time, they’ll want to do the same. Sometimes your attitude can make a big impact.

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