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Pets in Rentals – Home Animals


Looking for a new home can be a daunting task. Add in finding a new home as a pet owner, it can become down right discouraging. Many places do not allow pets in rentals or housing communities. If they do allow pets, they may have rules you’ll need to follow.

Here are some good rules to follow to make sure you and your beloved pet get in the door:

Give yourself enough time – Start looking early since it may take some time to find a place that allows pets in rentals and that you like enough to call home.

Put yourself in the shoes of the landlord, housing manager, or property owner – Understand that they may have had some bad experiences with previous pet owners. Do what you can to set their mind at ease.

Gather proof that you’re responsible – You can show this in many different ways. Letters of reference from your current landlord or an association verifying you are responsible for home animals. Include written proof from training classes for your pet, or a letter from your vet.

Be willing to pay extra – Many places require an extra deposit to have pets in rentals. Be ready for it and understand why. If you have specific questions about the amount, or what it is used for, make sure to ask.

Be a good pet owner – Take responsibility for your home animals, their actions and their mess.

Be a good representative for the pet-owning community – Being a good representative will help the pet-owning community, even if it’s just one landlord at a time.

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