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Organize Your Pantry In 5 steps

What's in mah pantry?
Find yourself cooking less? Have a mini anxiety attack when walking into your pantry? Sounds like you need a little bit of kitchen therapy. The first place to begin your therapy is by sorting your ‘kitchen life’, and the center of your ‘kitchen life’ is your pantry. Here is an overview of ways to organize your pantry in 5 steps – all you need to do is set aside a rainy day.

Start from Scratch
Starting from scratch is probably the most reluctantly done activity. By removing all of its contents and sifting through it you will be able to really figure out your usage habits and create more room. Go through all the items from your pantry and make sure none are expired and get rid of those items which you know you will never use (perfect time to donate!)

Streamline your Storage
Put all ‘like’ items and place them together in your pantry- by doing so, you will always know what section to go for specific ingredients when cooking certain dishes. You should transfer some ingredients into glass jars so they are easy to grab and know when to be refilled; flour, pasta, and sugar would be the prime suspects for this.

Take a Fresh Approach

With an empty pantry, this is the perfect time to take advantage or the empty space and clean the place. The pantry, in my opinion, is probably the least cleaned out area of a house. Take preventative steps in order to keep the pantry from collecting dust and getting dirty in the future!

Create Spaces

Look at your pantry and see what you can do to maximize space. Do you need to take out shelves, do you need to add in shelves, do you want to use specific organizing space per pantry section; this is the chance to reconfigure your pantry to make it work for you and help you stay clean and organized.

Place with Purpose

Pick a place for each group in your pantry and stick to it! Always place the same items in the same location in order to keep your pantry tidy and keep you from doing another pantry revamp anytime soon. Put items you use often at an easy level to reach and other seldom used items higher up.

For more specific ideas and for help with ‘inventory control’ reference the ‘organize your pantry’ article from

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