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Need Storage Space? No Problem in HomeFirst™ Communities!

No matter who you are or where you’re looking to live, you’ll need to have places to store your belongings. You need closet space for clothes, closet space for things such as linens, and cupboard space for plates, food, and other kitchen equipment. But if you’re looking for a home with lots of storage room to work with, why not consider a manufactured home in one of our HomeFirst™ manufactured housing communities?

If you’ve never been inside of a modern manufactured home before, you might be pleasantly surprised by how spacious they can be! Since sizes of manufactured homes can vary, the storage space available can be different from home to home. Some of our HomeFirst™ communities have manufactured homes available up to 2,300 square feet and many of our homes have bedrooms with large walk-in closets. Even some of ardent clothing lovers will have plenty of room to store their wardrobes and keep everything nicely organized.

And we haven’t forgotten about outdoor storage! All homes in our HomeFirst™ manufactured housing communities come with their own storage sheds. No need to worry about finding a place to put your lawn mower, bike, lawn chairs, or other tools! You’ll have a place to store them for no additional cost to you.

But what if you need more storage space? Perhaps you’d rather have a garage to park your car in or you just need more storage space than the shed has to offer. HomeFirst™ residents have the option of adding a garage.

Own a large vehicle like a boat or an RV? No need to find a storage facility to keep them in! Some of our communities, such as Walnut Ridge, Independence Commons, and Woodland Ridge, have on-site storage available for such things.This way, you’ll be able to access to your RV or boat anytime you’d like and you’ll save a small fortune on not having to store it elsewhere.

Want to learn more about what HomeFirst™ manufactured housing communities have to offer? Take a look at some of our resort-like amenities and some of the special offers available to new residents. We have manufactured homes available to rent or own in communities in some of the most prime locations in southeast Michigan. We’re sure you’ll find one that would make you feel right at home!

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