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Moving and Packing Tips for Moving into a HomeFirst Manufactured Home

Whether you are buying or renting a Michigan manufactured home, these moving tips will help you minimize the stress as you make your move.

Planning Your Move

Whether you have opted to rent or buy in a HomesFirst community, planning a move can be a stressful time. Putting all of your belongings into bags and boxes and hoping things don’t break in transit is a big concern.

Feeling displaced as you try to pack to get ready to move while you continue to need to live can also be a challenge.

There’s also a big impact on loved ones. Kids and pets can become stressed out around the idea of a move and find it distressing to watch all their belongings get packed away. Getting kids involved in the process, where possible, can help lower their stress levels and get them excited.

Tips for Packing to Move

Here are some helpful packing tips:

  1. Organize: If you’ve got several months to plan, you can slowly pack away items that you don’t need immediately, such as out of season clothing and items that you don’t use on a regular basis.
  2. Declutter: Purge if at all possible. Packing is a great time to declutter your home. You can either give items away to charity, have a yard sale or consider selling items and using that money toward moving expenses or something new for your new home.
  3. Storage: Some people even find it helpful to rent a storage unit so that they can begin to move things slowly out of their existing space rather than feel like they are becoming buried in boxes. If this isn’t an option for you from a timing perspective or from a cost efficiency perspective, labeling your boxes is very important.
  4. Inventory List: Some will go as far as making an inventory list and numbering their boxes in order to make it easy to find belongings later on. Your list makes it easy to find important things quickly as you unpack. If you don’t want to go to the trouble of an inventory list, consider a color-coding system, noting specific markings or colored labels that indicate which items go where in your new home and/or which items should be unpacked first.

Additional Tips

  • Using a paper towel rather than printed newspaper can help pack dishes without the need to rewash as you unpack. You can save the paper towel squares as you unpack as they can come in handy when cleaning.
  • Keep a box or suitcase with you with important items: Remote controls, medications, paperwork related to the sale of your home or your rental agreement, etc. Also include basic tools for assembling important items and labeled zippered storage bags for hardware for items that need to be assembled. Add a list of important phone numbers and be sure to add phone chargers. A priority one box for each room could also be assigned.
  • Don’t forget fresh batteries for your smoke detectors, and consider purchasing a few extra light bulbs in case any lights are out when you arrive at your new mobile home.

Getting Settled in Michigan

As you get settled, talk to staff about any questions you have. We can provide tips to make it easy to get acquainted with your new home as well as the amenities offered in a HomeFirst manufactured home community.

Great neighbors and a community await you. Don’t be afraid to get out and talk to your new neighbors. Chances are they’ll be able to help you get settled, too, and offer great tips for local shopping, restaurants, and local community events that can help your new community feel like home.

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