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Moving, Manufactured Homes, and HomeFirst™ Communities

We talk a lot about what manufactured home communities have to offer – from the amenities and perks in our communities to the many advantages you can find by living in a manufactured home, we’re sure that if you spend time looking around, you’ll learn how great it is to live in a HomeFirst™ community. If you currently live in a manufactured home that isn’t in a HomeFirst™ community but want to move into one of our communities, we’re happy to help!

If you own your own home in another manufactured home community, but you’ve got your eye on one of our manufactured homes for sale, we can help with the price! HomeFirst™ will pay cash for most manufactured homes. Many factors come into play, such as the age of the home, the model and year of manufacture, and if any appliances are included. We’ll also take into account any needed improvements, and if a shed is included as well!

Of course, after you sell your manufactured home, you might find yourself looking for a new place to live. Why not use some of the proceeds from your sale to fund the purchase of a home in a HomeFirst™ community? If you want to buy a HomeFirst™ home, we will match your down payment – up to $4,000 for a new home and up to $2,500 for pre-owned! This will help you get into one of our homes with less coming out of your own pocket!

Maybe you take a look at our communities and decide you want to keep your home…but you’d rather have it in a HomeFirst™ community? Don’t worry – if you want to move your home to a HomeFirst™ community, we will pay to move your manufactured home! This is a great way to enjoy all the luxuries and perks of HomeFirst™ communities while being able to keep the home you already own and live in!

One way or another, HomeFirst™ wants to make the process of moving from a manufactured home to a HomeFirst™ community as painless as possible. Have any questions or want to know more about our special offers? Contact HomeFirst™ today!

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