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Move Your Home Into a HomeFirst Community!

People talk about moving all the time – moving into a bigger place, moving out on their own, so on and so forth. But what if you wanted to move your entire house?

One of the many advantages of manufactured homes is their ability to be relocated. Unlike site-built housing, manufactured homes are constructed to the highest government standards in a weather-controlled facility and then moved to the property the home will sit on.

Even if you own your own manufactured home and your family still loves living there, you might want a change of scenery. Why not try relocating to a HomeFirst™ community?

Many HomeFirst™ communities offer lots and property without a home already on them, perfect for you and your family to move your home to. And once you’re here, you’ll see why so many people choose our communities – HomeFirst™ residents get access to our first-class amenities including playgrounds, clubhouses, and even fitness centers in participating communities!

We know relocating a manufactured home can be expensive. There’s plenty of fees to consider, as well as the costs of hiring a crew, preparing your home for the initial move (moving the utilities, preparing the foundation, etc), and even the cost of transporting your belongings.

HomeFirst™ understands what an undertaking this can be, and that’s why we extend a special offer to anyone considering moving their entire home. If you visit a HomeFirst™ community and decide to move your home there, HomeFirst™ will pay the cost! That’s right, HomeFirst™ will pay to move your manufactured home to one of our communities. Consider it our way of saying “welcome, neighbor!”

Interested? Why not take a look at our communities and see which one you and your family would like best? Or, if you already have one in mind, contact us today and we can help get the wheels turning on your move!


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