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Mobile Home Roof Maintenance

Spring is the perfect time of year to be proactive about your mobile home roof. A properly installed and maintained roof, especially a metal one, can last for years. It can also help ward off a metal roof leak that can be costly down the road.

Here’s how to take care of your mobile home roof:

  1. Clean Your Roof – With a mobile home roof, which is typically metal, it’s important to keep the paint on your roof fresh and to keep dust and debris off of it. This will protect it from rust. You can use a ladder, scrub brush, and a mixture of water and bleach, to clean your roof. You can also use a pressure sprayer.
  2. Fill Major and Minor Holes – You may not even have a metal roof leak, but you can still have small holes. Left unattended, they can form larger holes and cause a lot of damage. Small holes are easily fixed with roof cement and a putty knife. For larger holes, you’ll want to use a protective coating or roofing cement along with a piece of sheet metal, and caulking.
  3. Apply Roof Coating – You can purchase a roof coating specifically made for aluminum roofs from your local hardware store. It will keep your roof safe from potential leaks and help your roof from rusting further.
  4. Paint the Roof – After you have cleaned your roof and have made any needed repairs, applying a fresh coat of paint will keep it looking new and in perfect shape! You can find paint that is used specifically for aluminum roofing.

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