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Mobile home repair can be costly and time consuming. Knowing what to look for and how to execute easy fixes to prevent extreme damage can save you money and a headache down the road. Here are a few do-it-yourself mobile home repair tips to ensure your home is ready for the changing seasons!

Door and Windows

A drafty window or door will not only cost you money in repairs if left unfixed, but will cause your heating bill to skyrocket! Before the winter season is here, check the caulking around windows and doors for openings and cracks. If repairs need to be made you can find caulking at any home improvement store. Lowe’s carries caulking for this project for about 6 dollars.

Siding and Skirting Repairs

Damaged siding and skirting can cause water damage, frame damage and higher costs in heating bills. Inspect the exterior of your home for any openings. Even the smallest opening can require costly repairs over time. Be sure to replace any deteriorating or missing insulation prior to replacing the siding.

Interior Mobile Home Help

Checking a few pipes can prevent seriously costly damage to the floor of your home. Check sink drains in your kitchen and bathroom(s) for any drips or leaks. If any are discovered, they can be fixed with a new nylon washer, available at any home improvement store for around $1. Also be sure to check for any leaks around the toilet(s) in your home. If leaks are found, simply lift the toilet, replace the seal and reset the toilet.

By taking preventative measures you can keep the cost down on all of your mobile home repairs!





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