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Mobile Home Communities vs. Apartment Communities

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Mobile home communities in the United States provide many different levels of lifestyle for residents. With HomeFirst Certified, mobile home communities offer residents a great family atmosphere, a wide variety of amenities and community hosted events for all ages. Another housing choice many consider while looking into mobile home life, is apartment life. In many situations, the cost of apartment living and mobile home living are very similar. A variety of factors have to be considered as to which lifestyles best suites you and your family. The following chart highlights a few key pros of mobile home and apartment communities that each family should consider before making a move.

Mobile Home Communities


Apartment Communities



-Mobile home owners have the chance to build equity. -Many apartments are located in large cities.
-Mobile home owners have complete creative control over the interior of their home. -In many apartment rental situations, repairs and maintenance are included in the rental cost.
-Mobile home communities are primarily located in suburban to semi-rural areas. -Friendly layouts that usually consist of bedroom areas separate from living areas.
-Mobile homes are located on stand alone properties. -Many apartment communities include benefits such as free heat or water.


For more information about the pros and cons of mobile home communities vs. apartment communities, check out this Home Guides article. If you are interested in a HomeFirst Certified community, check out our locations or contact us for more information.



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