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How the Mid-Term Election Results Affect You

The results are in! The November 4 mid-term elections yielded some surprising results, with the GOP regaining control of the U.S. House of Representatives. The outcome gives Republicans control of the House and Senate for the first time since George W. Bush was president. While only time will tell if this unlocks the gridlock in Congress, we know for sure it will be bring about some changes in your area.

There will be some fresh faces, as well as some familiar ones, representing your interests in Washington. Here’s everything you need to know about your elected officials stemming from last week’s elections.


Republican Rick Snyder won re-election, staving off Mark Schauer in a close election. Snyder took 50.95% of the votes, while Schauer took 46.83%. “We have been reinventing Michigan by showing that fighting and blame are not the answer,” Snyder said shortly after the election. “The answer is to be positive and solve problems. To move forward. And it’s been working.”

U.S. Senator:

Democrat Gary Peters defeated former Secretary of State Terry Lynn Land. He’ll take the seat being vacated by veteran senator Carl Levin, who announced in 2013 that he would not be pursuing a seventh term. He’ll pair with fellow Michigander and Democrat Debbie Senator on “The Hill.”

U.S. House of Representatives

Your representative depends on the location of your HomeFirstTM community. Here are the individuals who may be representing you based on your district.

District 4 (Central Michigan): Republican John Moolenar defeated Jeff Holmes

District 7 (SE Corner): Republican Tim Walberg defeated Pam Byrnes

District 8 (Central, Detroit Exurbs): Republican Mike Bishop defeated Eric Schertzing

District 9 (North Detroit suburbs): Democrat Sander Levin defeated George Brikho

District 11 (West Detroit suburbs): Republican Dave Trott defeated Bobby McKenzie

District 12 (Southeast, Dearborn) Democrat Debbie Dingell defeated Terry Bowman

District 13 (Part Detroit and suburbs): Democrat John Conyers defeated Jeff Gorman

District 14 (Detroit/suburbs): Democrat Brenda Lawrence defeated Christina Barr

Attorney General:

Bill Schuette won re-election, securing a second four-year term in office. He defeated challenger Mark Totten 52% to 44%.

Secretary of State

Republican Ruth Johnson won re-election, defeating Democratic challenger Godfrey Dillard 54% to 43%. She’ll serve another 4 years in office.

Michigan Statewide Proposals

Proposal 1, a law that would have designated wolves as a game species and authorized hunting seasons, was shot down 55% to 45%

Proposal 2, a law that would have empowered the Natural Resources Commission to approve state hunts, was also shot down, 64% to 36%

Local Area Results

For local election results, including Ann Arbor, Jackson and Lansing, click here!

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