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Manufactured Homes vs. Townhomes – A Better Choice for Families

Out of all the choices for urban living available to people these days, the townhome has become a common sight. Townhomes, defined as “individual houses that are placed side-by-side, where one or two walls of each house are shared between adjacent homes”, are similar to apartments or duplexes in that they sit in the same unit or building as the other townhomes, but generally offering slightly more space than apartments. But are they really a better choice for families? Let’s take a look at how they stack up to HomeFirst™ manufactured homes:

Less Opportunity for Decoration

Even with the increased room afforded by townhomes when compared to apartments, townhomes are still subject to many of the same rules as apartment buildings. Your redecorating options are generally limited, particularly when it comes to things like carpet colors or the paint on the walls. Compare that to a manufactured home that you own – you can redecorate and remodel to your heart’s content! And if you custom order a brand-new manufactured home, you can even customize it to your liking before it leaves the factory! With manufactured home ownership, you’re never stuck with someone else’s decorating options.

Much Less Space

Sure, townhomes may offer more space than apartments in many instances, but neither of them can stack up to the sheer size in both home and property that manufactured homes can offer. Our manufactured homes can be as big as 4 bedrooms and up to 2,300 square feet in many cases, with property that townhomes couldn’t begin to match. Your yard space in a townhome is limited to the width of your unit, since you’re right up against your neighbors. Yards this size don’t leave a lot of room for landscaping or for the kids to play – not the way they could in a HomeFirst™ home.

Close Proximity to the Neighbors

Speaking of small lot space, townhomes have this same disadvantage that apartments and duplexes do in that they’re all located directly next to their neighbors. While you don’t have to worry about upstairs/downstairs neighbors like you do in an apartment, you still have neighbors directly to either side of you, which doesn’t leave a lot of privacy or quiet when the kids are running upstairs or when they suddenly have to move that giant mattress at 6 in the morning. HomeFirst™ homes are single-family dwellings with enough room between them to stop you from knowing what your neighbors are up to at all times.

Stairs and Accessibility

Nearly all townhomes are two stories tall, with many of them including a third story. Anyone with health issues that prevent them from successfully navigating most staircases would have a hard time getting around townhomes simply due to their vertical design – and since they’re not very wide, you’ll find yourself having to use those stairs a lot. HomeFirst™ homes offer just as much, if not more room as a townhome would, and without the need to navigate the stairs just to get from one room to another.

We’re sure that as soon as you see a HomeFirst™ home you’ll agree that it’s a better choice for your lifestyle and your family than a townhome would be – or anything else, for that matter. Curious to see more? Browse our selection of manufactured homes for sale and find the perfect one for you.

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