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Manufactured Homes vs. Site-Built Construction

Manufactured homes are cost-effective, customizable homes that use quality materials and are built according to the stringent federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards. Despite all of the great attributes of manufactured homes, a lot of people still don’t fully understand the benefits of purchasing a manufactured home and how these structures compare to site-built houses.

Construction – how are manufactured homes built?

One of the best features of manufactured homes is that they are built in a completely-contained environment. Using the same building materials as site-built houses and constructed within a factory using the strictest building protocols, the quality of manufactured homes are superior to traditional structures because they are kept away from outside elements that cause mold, mildew, warping and other issues houses built on-site have to deal with and manage long after construction is complete. Because manufactured homes provide a considerable cost savings over more traditional on-site houses, people are free to customize their manufactured home however much their budget allows. These homes reflect the taste and style of homeowners more easily than traditional structures because manufactured homes typically leave more room in a budget to make any desired upgrades.

Home Appreciation – will my manufactured home increase in value?

Like any traditionally built house, a manufactured home can certainly increase in value. Appreciation is affected by the same factors as any other home – location, community amenities and desirability, and the quality of the home itself are all characteristics that help determine the value of a place. If you ensure the upkeep of your manufactured home and it is set within a well-developed community that has amenities such as a fitness center and carefully maintained outdoor space, and is in close proximity to activities or a town that has things to do and see, the value of the home increases.

Financing – what options are available to help me buy a manufactured house?

One of the common misconceptions about manufactured homes is that a person has to buy it outright because banks don’t finance the sale of manufactured houses. This could not be farther from the truth. Just like with houses that are built on-site, manufactured homes also have many options for financing. The terms are generally similar to those of traditional houses – 15 to 30 year mortgages and a certain percentage of the sale price as a down payment. Banks are just as willing to finance buyers interested in manufactured homes as they are site-built buyers.

In today’s economy, manufactured homes are a great option compared to other types of houses. With the increase in quality manufactured home construction and communities, choosing to buy a manufactured home is becoming a more popular investment than ever before. And with the additional savings a manufactured home affords buyers, customizing a home to feature everything a buyer wants is entirely possible. If you are trying to decide between buying a manufactured home or a site-built house, ask yourself if superior construction, upgraded interiors, and community amenities are what you want in a home. If the answer is yes, then a manufactured home is the right choice for you.

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