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Manufactured Homes vs. Renting an Apartment: The Benefits of HomeFirst Certified Communities

If you are looking to rent or own a home in Michigan, look for a HomeFirst Certified Community of manufactured homes. These mobile homes are the best Michigan has to offer, and only those communities that live up to the highest standards receive certification. There are many advantages to choosing a HomeFirst Certified Community, including free utilities, on-site staff 24/7, and a community clubhouse.

Affordable Homes

  • Manufactured homes, also known as mobile homes, are more affordable than renting an apartment or a site-built house. It costs much less to build them, so you are able to rent or own them at a lower price.
  • These homes are built in factories where the materials required are readily available in large quantities, unlike other homes which are built on-site and the materials have to be delivered. This means lower costs for the builder, and therefore lower costs for you, the buyer.

Customizable and Energy Efficient

  • Not only are these homes more affordable, they are also modifiable. You can customize these homes to accommodate you, whether you want to add a porch, a garage, or a number of other features. Depending on your finances and style preferences, you may choose between a number of flooring options as well as plumbing fixtures.
  • Mobile homes are generally more energy efficient than your average apartment or house. The construction of these homes is more energy efficient than others, and they are equipped with Energy Star appliances.

Live Where You Want

  • When you rent or own one of these homes, you still get to choose where you want to live. You can put them on private or rented property away from others, or you can put them in a gated community where you will enjoy the aforementioned benefits.
  • Unlike apartments, you can live in a community with neighbors, free utilities, a clubhouse, and on-site staff, but you will still enjoy the privacy of having your own home. You aren’t limited to a certain street, neighborhood, or area when you choose to live in one of these homes. You can have your dream home and place it wherever you want.

Warranties Available

  • In most apartments or houses, you get everything the way it is and hope it lasts. But manufactured homes include a warranty, so you don’t have to worry about replacing or fixing things up a few years down the road. You will essentially get more for your money when you choose to go this route.

Safe and Durable

  • You might think that mobile homes are unsafe in harsh weather, but that is not true. Due to their careful construction, these homes actually hold up just as good if not better than most traditional houses or apartments.
  • These homes have to be tough because they have to withstand being transported from the factory to their location. These homes are built to withstand hurricanes. They are also equipped with smoke detectors to alert you to fires.

Spacious Living with Benefits

  • Also contrary to what you may believe, these homes are incredibly spacious; they can be up to 2,300 square feet. This gives you and your family plenty of room to spread out and enjoy your home, but without the strain on your wallet that other apartments and houses can cause.
  • If you rent an apartment you might get a third of the size of one of these mobile homes, yet you will probably pay more. Renting and living in a HomeFirst Certified Community gives you much more value for the price than any apartment complex.
  • Plus, there are so many extra benefits in these communities, such as activities and events for your family to participate in all year long. Many of the communities even have pools and other recreational facilities, which are all well-maintained.

Find Yours Today

Not only are these manufactured homes beautiful and spacious, but they are also affordable and durable. If you choose to live in a HomeFirst Certified Community you and your family will be happy and safe. You spend most of your time in your home so you should feel comfortable there. You will undoubtedly feel at home in these communities, and you will absolutely love showing off your home to your guests. Don’t waste money renting an apartment or buying a site-built home. Invest in a HomeFirst Certified Community home and enjoy all the added advantages that come along with it.

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