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Manufactured Homes vs. Apartments – The Perfect Choice for Renters

These days, more and more people are considering renting property. It’s a great way to find a place to live, especially if you’re not quite ready to own property yet. When many people think of “renting”, they tend to think of something like an apartment or a duplex. But what a lot of people don’t know is not only are manufactured homes an option for renters, they’re often a much better option than standard apartments! Here’s a few ways our manufactured home communities can offer a better renting option than apartments:


The first advantage that many people assume apartments offer is in price, but did you know that many manufactured homes can be rented for as cheap as an apartment, if not cheaper? We offer many perks and special offers for many of our residents to reduce the cost of living in HomeFirst™ communities, and thanks to the affordable-yet-durable construction of many of our manufactured homes the initial renting cost might be lower than you think!

Space and Storage

Manufactured homes, even the ones available for rent, will offer much more space than traditional apartments! Several of our communities offer homes up to 2,300 square feet, with plenty of space in the yard and/or a shed for storage. Compare that to the average American apartment size of 982 square feet, and you’ll find that manufactured homes are a much better choice for families – or anyone who enjoys having a space of their own! Cost comes into play here as well – sure, you can find apartments bigger than the average, but bigger apartments will likely cost much more than renting a manufactured home, and you’d be missing out on all the unique benefits of a HomeFirst™ community!


Many apartments tend to be situated right inside larger urban areas, with all of the space concerns that entails. Our manufactured home communities are located in a variety of spaces for any taste! Want to live closer to a more rural or woodland area? Or would you prefer the convenience and sprawl of something a little closer to a city? No matter where you’d like to live, HomeFirst™ has the community for you.


Manufactured homes, and the communities they’re housed in, offer a lot of advantages and amenities to their residents, even if they’re renting! Manufactured homes have all appliances included at the point of manufacture, and typically have more bathrooms, bedrooms, and living space than many apartments of comparable size and price. And the communities come well-equipped too, with features such as swimming pools, fitness centers, and sporting grounds located right on site! How many apartments can say that?

If you’re looking to rent a place to live, no matter what your lifestyle or family, HomeFirst™ offers the perfect option for you and your family. Browse our selection of manufactured homes for rent and find the perfect home for you!


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