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Manufactured Homes: Perfect for Young Adults

Each year, more and more young adults in their early 20’s finish up college, but don’t have anywhere to go because they were so focused on finishing school.  When graduation finally comes, little thought is put into what happens next.  “Where am I going?” “What am I doing?” These are two of the most popular questions young adults ask themselves after they finally earn that diploma they’ve worked years for.  

HomeFirst™ is here to help you out as we have some of the most affordable manufactured homes you’ll ever find.  You can buy an innovative, fresh manufactured home in a HomeFirst™ community with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms for less than a hundred thousand dollars!  You won’t find a better deal for any traditional house that’s in as great of shape as our manufactured homes. Best of all, most of our communities have options to buy or rent, so whichever options works best for you, we can help!

We Have the Features Young Adults Want

HomeFirst™ communities are excellent options for young adults  as we have entertainment inside and right outside all of our communities.  There are sporting grounds inside our communities, such as basketball and volleyball courts or soccer and baseball fields. Invite a few of your friends over and get some exercise while playing your favorite sport.  Not only do you get some exercise, but it’s an inexpensive way to stay entertained because it doesn’t cost you anything to use any of these sporting grounds once you’re all moved in.  

It can be tough to find a job right out of college, so you might find yourself working midnight shifts and other odd hours. If you like to workout, you don’t have to worry about us closing the doors on our fitness center at a specific time because it’s open 24 hours a day, everyday of the week.  So it doesn’t matter what time you get home from work because our fitness center doors will be open for you to workout and blow off some steam.  

Roommates Are Great

As a college student, you’re probably used to living with other people that are your age.  After college, you might want to ask a friend to bunk up with you in one of the glorious homes in one of our communities. Manufactured homes have a ton of advantages that dorm rooms can’t offer.  Splitting the cost of your monthly payment will only make it easier on you financially, and any friend that you invite over to visit will be astonished when they find out how much you pay a month for such a great home.

When you purchase or rent a manufactured home you’ll be able to decorate it however you please, from the floors to the wall.  You wouldn’t be able to do this if you were living in a dorm room or apartment, and you’ll be paying less in a HomeFirst™ community, too.  And imagine the peace and quiet you’ll enjoy by living in a manufactured housing community, where you won’t be living wall-to-wall with noisy neighbors!

Make the transition from college to adulthood smoothly with the help of HomeFirst™ today.  It’s affordable, and it beats moving back in with your parents so fill out an application on our website today!

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