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Manufactured Homes — Perfect for All Budgets!

Anyone who has ever had to look for a new home knows how hard it can be to find a nice home that’s affordable, in an ideal location, and that’s large enough to meet the needs of you and your family. If you have an unlimited budget to work with, you’ll be able to find a perfect home pretty easily, but that simply isn’t the case for most people.

Although many people are under the impression that manufactured homes are only for people with low incomes, manufactured homes actually appeal to people from a wide range of backgrounds and income levels. The Manufactured Housing Institute releases annual reports about manufactured homes that include some information about the types of people who live in manufactured homes, such as how old they are and their annual household income. According to their 2015 report, about 96% of manufactured home households made less than $75,000 each year, so while that certainly includes many low-income households, there are lots of middle-class households in there, too.

Simply put, if you like being able to get more for your money, manufactured homes are for you! With so many people still trying to recover from the recession, many homebuyers are no longer interested in buying the biggest home they possibly can. Instead, they’re more interested in homes with practical features and affordable prices and that’s precisely what they get from manufactured homes.

If you or your family has a lower income, you absolutely can afford a comfortable, spacious manufactured home in a safe neighborhood. Even if you never thought you could afford to own a home, a manufactured home really could help you make your dream come true! Take a look at the manufactured homes for sale in any of our HomeFirst™ communities and you’ll be amazed at how affordable homeownership really can be. A nice, modern, high quality 3 or 4 bedroom home could be yours for less than half of what a similar site-built home would cost!

Have a larger budget to work with? You could have the manufactured home of your dreams custom built for you and it would still be much less expensive than having a site-built home built for you. Manufactured homes are available in a wide variety of floorplans and styles and manufacturers can easily customize the various features of your home for you, so you’ll have no problem finding one that’s just your style. They can also customize things like the type of flooring used in your home and the color of your exterior siding so everything will be exactly the way you want it to be when you move in. Manufactured homes are also built very efficiently, so the perfect home for you and your family would be ready for you to move into much sooner than it would take for a brand new site-built home to be built for you.

Interested in a manufactured home? HomeFirst™ has mobile homes for sale in communities found in many of southeastern Michigan’s most desirable areas. All of our communities can be found in very safe neighborhoods near great schools and lots of career opportunities. Not ready to buy? Many of our communities also have manufactured homes for rent.

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