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Why Manufactured Homes are Perfect for Aging in Place

Having to give up one’s home can result in an extraordinary amount of stress. The fact is that for many people, as we age, we find it too difficult to maintain a large home. There may be stairs to navigate many times per day. There may also be outdoor maintenance that becomes too arduous. Other safety issues could be of concern. There’s also the cost associated with maintaining that home after retirement: taxes, mortgage or rent payments and utilities.

For many aging individuals, giving up a larger home is a difficult but necessary choice for these reasons. There are other factors as well, such as isolation. While you may be happy in your existing home, as you age and find it more difficult to get around, and the idea of getting older a community filled with many like-minded individuals could be appealing to you for mobility, social, and financial reasons, too.

Manufactured Homes: Ideal for Aging Individuals

Manufactured homes are increasingly popular among those approaching retirement as well as those who are retired and finding their existing living arrangements frustrating.

There are mobile homes for sale as well as mobile homes for rent that allow many of the same benefits of a site-built home without nearly as many headaches. While an increasingly popular option as a starter home for growing families, it’s also increasing in popularity as a great solution for those looking to downsize due to retirement or changes in your health.

Independent, Active, and Safer Living in Manufactured Homes

Many retired individuals appreciate living in a manufactured home as it enables them a greater degree of independence compared to if they had stayed in a larger home.

Manufactured home communities offer efficient living on one level, eliminating the need to climb stairs up to bed, down to do laundry, and so forth.

Mobile home options can be just as luxurious as any other home with high end finishes, plenty of storage and modern designs. This helps from a safety perspective as well as from the standpoint of convenience.

Today’s manufactured homes are designed to optimize living space with visual appeal and energy efficiency.

Eliminating Isolation: Communities Benefit Aging Individuals

Many manufactured home communities are designed with active living in mind. Recreational facilities, community centers, and other amenities can provide the best of both worlds as residents have independence in their own freestanding home but yet have community for social interaction. Isolation can impact quality of life in a big way. Living in a community of manufactured homes offers great opportunities for social interaction while still giving you a degree of privacy not available in apartments or nursing homes.

Cost Efficiency

Not only is it more affordable for people to live in a manufactured home from a housing cost perfective but also from a utilities standpoint. Smaller square footage equates to lower heating and cooling bills. When seniors live in larger houses, they often keep to just a few rooms, but yet need to pay to heat and/or cool the entire space. Most mobile homes have less square footage and exist on a single story. Newer mobile homes are also built with energy efficiency in mind with walls, exterior building materials, and HVAC systems and appliances.

If you rent a manufactured home or purchase one, lower costs can be extremely helpful for someone on a fixed income. If you are moving into one of these communities in advance of retirement, you’ll have the opportunity to save more for your retirement and have more disposable income to do the things you enjoy doing in retirement.

Whether you’re approaching retirement, whether you or a loved one is looking for a more economical space that is better for those with limited mobility, or you feel like a manufactured home in a great community is something that might be a good fit, there are many options to make it easier to age in a place that caters to your financial, mobility, and social needs.

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