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Manufactured Homes: Built to Order!

The building process for manufactured homes involves a lot of steps, as you would likely expect from any home-building procedure. But did you know that every manufactured home is built-to-order inside a climate controlled facility?

Each of our manufactured homes is built to the buyer’s specifications, with all the options they selected. As opposed to how many other products are built, where a large number of them are manufactured at the same time and kept in storage, each manufactured home is built individually as they are ordered. This ensures the best care is taken during the construction process, as well as making sure the highest-quality materials are used to build your new home exactly the way you want it built!

You might also be surprised to learn the amount of options you have when ordering a new manufactured home, as well. The HomeFirst™ buying process gives you the chance to tailor your new home to whatever you and your family want! Different layouts and home models are available for you to choose from and you can customize everything from shutters and siding material to countertops, tile, and carpeting color! Better yet, every new manufactured home in a HomeFirst™ community has standard kitchen appliances included at the time of purchase! Just the home you wanted, with appliances included – what more could you ask for?

The process of manufacturing a home helps to maintain a high level of quality, as well. All manufactured homes are built safely inside a facility, away from any potential damage from the weather, or any delays in construction. Compare that to a typical site-built house, which are all built on the lot it will sit on. Site-built homes can suffer from scheduling changes due to inclement weather preventing construction from continuing, and the materials used for the structure have to sit out in the elements until the job is finished, often resulting in undue wear on your house. Manufactured homes can safely avoid both of these issues!

The advantages and benefits of a built-to-order manufactured home help to set them apart from other living spaces like site-built houses or apartments. If you want to know more about the buying process, or simply want to see what kind of homes and lots we have to offer, contact HomeFirst­™ today.

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