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Manufactured Homes — Built to Last!

Many people vastly underestimate how durable manufactured homes can be. When manufactured homes started being built to HUD standards in 1976, the durability of manufactured homes improved significantly and have only continued to improve since then. For example, following Hurricane Andrew in 1992, building standards for manufactured homes were re-evaluated again to improve wind durability. Because of this, manufactured homes built to be placed in areas likely to be impacted by hurricanes now offer excellent storm durability. Want to see how durable they are? Watch this video demonstrating what happens when a manufactured home faces 105 mile per hour winds for 30 minutes.  Although the home does suffer some damage (any home would in those conditions), the home remains structurally sound.

In fact, manufactured homes, by their very nature, need to be built with durability in mind. Since manufactured homes are built in factories, then transported to their sites, the homes need to be made with extra secure construction so they can withstand the transportation process. Although you do occasionally hear about entire site-built homes and buildings being completely relocated, site-built homes are not built with the expectation that they will ever have to travel down the highway. But manufactured homes are!

Manufactured homes are built using the exact same types of materials that ordinary site-built homes are; they’re not made with lower quality materials or lesser building techniques. Just because a home is built in a factory instead of built on site doesn’t mean it’s somehow going to wear out quicker than an ordinary site-built home would. Homes and buildings of all types need to be cared for and maintained over the years in order to stay in good shape and manufactured homes are no exception. A manufactured home that’s well cared for and maintained of over the years will provide you and your family with a wonderful place to call home for decades to come!

Interested in making the switch to manufactured homes? HomeFirst™ has manufactured homes ready for you to rent or own in several communities located throughout Michigan. Our communities are located close to some of Michigan’s most thriving cities and feature exciting amenities like swimming pools, basketball courts, fitness centers, and more. Take a look around and let us know if you’re interested in coming out and seeing a home in our community! We’re sure you’ll find a place you’d love to call home!

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