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Manufactured Homes are Built for the Future

Are Manufactured Homes the Future of the Housing Market?

Manufactured homes have been around for a long time; they were originally designed to house the families of veterans’ and others looking for inexpensive places to live during wartime. But through the years technological innovation and new acts of legislation have made mobile homes more affordable than ever! They’ve even become one of the main drivers of the US housing market in the twenty-first century.

But what does the future look like for manufactured and mobile homes? What features does your Michigan manufactured home have now that those built decades ago couldn’t come close to achieving?

Here are our favorite features of manufactured homes that will carry them through 2019 and beyond.

Online Ordering for Manufactured Homes

Future homeowners or renters can skip the hassle with online ordering capabilities. Manufactured home realtors, like HomeFirst Certified, offer easy-to-use online ordering forms that let you explore different mobile homes without having to visit the community multiple times. It’s the ultimate functionality for people with little time to spare in this hectic world we live in.

But what will these online ordering capabilities look like in the coming years? How will industries and organizations respond to these changes?

Many of the huge online retailers could potentially dive into the manufactured housing industry and connect with mobile home realtors. This would mean a potential customer could order their new mobile home from a variety of outlets, making the process that much easier for people.

While there may be some initial issues with an online ordering format for these future mobile homes, such as accidental sales or usability difficulties for those less technologically inclined, the overall improvements to the buying process will encourage more people to invest. And more people investing in housing ultimately means there will be higher quality manufactured homes out on the market.

New Technologies are Baked In

Many mobile home manufacturers have begun implementing smart home functionality into their homes. For example, newer models are allowing homeowners to easily integrate smart devices into their home’s functionality. This will allow for greater satisfaction of home buyers and renters.

The average home buyer will often find other styles of homes having great difficulty adapting new technologies into their functionality, especially older home models. Fortunately, new models of manufactured homes utilize this functionality in ways that increase usability while keeping them affordable.

Millennials are Purchasing Manufactured Homes

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Millennials have become extremely interested in purchasing and renting manufactured homes both now and in the future. Many studies have shown that Millenials want to live in cost-effective homes with energy-efficient functionalities, minimal environmental impact and access to greater community living, all of which come with manufactured homes. In addition, many mobile homes are set in beautiful locales, such as our Michigan manufactured home communities.

Affordable Manufactured Homes for the 21st Century

Each and every person who wants to own a home makes saving money and cutting costs a priority. Fortunately, manufacturers of mobile and manufactured homes use materials that are low-cost and highly functional. This way a much larger segment of people can purchase an affordable home without worrying if the materials used in construction are cheap or ineffective.

Manufactured Homes are the Future of Housing

It’s becoming more and more clear that manufactured homes are adaptable enough to lead the housing market into the future. The improved technologies, increasing Millennial home buyers and online ordering options will  make owning or renting a mobile home the future status quo.

If you would like to learn more about manufactured housing trends or look into buying a mobile home, we invite you to contact our team at HomeFirst Certified today. Our communities offer manufactured homes for sale and rent throughout Michigan. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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