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Manufactured Homes and the Weather

shutterstock_225611743Some of the most common questions new manufactured home owners tend to include questions regarding how weather resistant the homes can be. It’s a reasonable subject to wonder about – manufactured homes are, after all, a pretty recent development, and they’re constantly being updated to reflect the newest manufacturing standards of the time. If you have any questions about how manufactured homes can handle the weather (especially here in Michigan!), then read on!

One of the biggest fears surrounding the weather is the impact it could have on the durability of your home. We’ve all heard stories of intense rain or high-speed winds affecting people’s houses, but the truth is manufactured homes are built to withstand wind and rain. Each manufactured home is built to the U.S. Housing and Urban Development (HUD) code, which mandates several specifications regarding manufactured home construction. This code divides the country into several different climate zones and wind zones, and when a manufactured home is built for a specific part of the country – say, Michigan – then the home is built to the HUD specifications for that area. If you own a manufactured home in Michigan, then you can rest assured your home is built to handle whatever Michigan weather will throw at it.

Part of being weather-resistant also includes energy efficient design. Many manufactured homes are built to the national Energy Star® standard to ensure reduced heating costs during the winter! Steps are taken at the factory as well during construction to make sure the joints on the house are sealed and the attic is filled with insulating material to make sure no matter what time of year it is, your home stays the temperature you need it to be!

The manufacturing process itself can help with weather resistance, too. Manufactured homes are built inside temperature-controlled manufacturing facilities, to make sure the materials used are kept safely away from the damaging effects of the elements. Compare this to a site-built house, which are built outdoors on the site they will be sitting on – if inclement weather suddenly hits, the materials could be exposed to damage or wear before the house is even completed!
Manufactured homes are designed and built to withstand all sorts of wind, rain, and cold, and they’re designed to help keep your home heating bills down! What else could you ask for? Take a look at some of our manufactured homes for sale and find the perfect home for you and your family!


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