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Manufactured Homes: An Environmentally Friendly Housing Choice!

More than ever before, people are trying to find ways to make their lives more environmentally friendly. Whether it’s bringing reusable bags to the grocery store, walking somewhere instead of driving, or buying products made of recycled materials, there are lots of things we can do to make our lives a little bit greener. If you want to make your home greener, you can always be mindful about not leaving lights on, how your thermostat is set, or by using energy efficient appliances. But what if you could live in a home that was actually built in a highly efficient, environmentally friendly way?

Manufactured homes are built very differently than site-built homes are. Instead of being built directly on the site where the home will be placed, manufactured homes are built indoors in factories, then moved to its site. The process of being built in the factory allows homes to be built in a way that is much more efficient and precise than site-built homes are. The whole process is so precise hardly any building materials go to waste. Since all the supplies are kept indoors, building materials don’t go to waste from being left outside where they can be stolen, damaged, or start to mold or rust. And because of the fact that manufactured home manufacturers know they will have other homes to build, materials that are left over from building one home are used in another.

The way that manufactured homes are built also allows them to be made for maximum energy efficiency. Entire walls, floors, and ceilings can be built as single units, which creates fewer gaps for air to escape through. This way, your heat will stay in during the winter and the cool air will stay in during the hot summer months.

Manufactured homes can also be Energy Star certified. When a home is Energy Star certified, it means the home meets very high standards for energy efficiency, which make it even more energy efficient than standard homes. These homes come outfitted with Energy Star certified appliances, are very well insulated, high-performance windows, and have energy efficient heating and cooling equipment.

All of these things make manufactured homes a very environmentally-friendly type of housing, but if you want, you can take it even further and make them even more energy efficient. You could install insulated vinyl skirting (also known as rigid foam skirting) on your home, which can help reduce energy loss even further by up to 22%!

Manufactured homes are already an extremely affordable type of housing and the excellent energy efficiency they offer can help keep costs down even more! Interested in living in a manufactured home? HomeFirst™ has manufactured housing communities located in some of Michigan’s best locations. Whether you’re looking to rent or own, we have homes available to suit your needs!

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