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Manufactured Homes: Alike, Yet Different!

One of the most common misconceptions regarding manufactured homes is the belief that, due to their construction process, nearly all of them would look the same. Take a look at any HomeFirst™ manufactured community and you’ll see that’s just not true!

Our communities offer homes of any shape and size to meet any family or lifestyle, from smaller dwellings perfect for retirees or families without children, to larger homes that have as many as 4 bedrooms and can be as big as 2,300 square feet at times! Whatever your lifestyle, if you need a ton of space for the kids or just a few rooms for yourself and your loved one, we offer manufactured homes in any shape and size. Just the sort of variety you need, right?

It doesn’t just stop at the floor plan. If you custom order a brand new manufactured home, you can customize the interior and exterior to your liking as well! Things like flooring, countertops, interior paint, and exterior color can all be made just as you want during construction. Some available models even give you the chance to choose luxury options like a fireplace or a hot tub – combined with the kitchen appliances that all new manufactured homes include, and you’ll have plenty of options to make your home your own!

And yet, all manufactured homes have a lot in common as well. Every manufactured home is required to be built to a series of codes and requirements put forth by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These codes dictate how the home is constructed, the sort of materials used, where the construction can take place, and even what sort of climate the home will be delivered to! The HUD codes ensure all manufactured homes in America are built to the same standards of energy efficiency, quality construction, and weather resistance.

Other than the HUD codes, you’ll find every manufactured home HomeFirst™ offers to be a unique offering with its own advantages and features. But you don’t have to take our word for it – take a look at our selection of manufactured homes for sale and find the perfect fit for your family and lifestyle!

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